December 2022 GFF CSO Grant Partners:

Fiker Behiwot Children and Youth Development Association Ethiopia Strengthening youth voices and agency in addressing the sexual reproductive health challenges of domestic migrant youth and students in Hawassa city. Youth will have improved access to quality SRHR information and youth-led organizations and groups will be better integrated into partnership networks and platforms as part of scaling up and building the capacity of the youth movement.
Future Hopes Integrated Development Organization Ethiopia Building the capacity of students (10-16 years) in low-income areas of Addis Ababa to lead advocacy initiatives to improve SRH services for school youth and break down existing norms that hinder access to information and services.
Marie Stopes Zambia Zambia Engaging with Zambia’s SRHR civil society to build a unified movement to advocate for the adoption of the GFF investment case by the government of Zambia. Informed stakeholders will actively work with the Parliament and Ministry of Finance to advance the plan which will create a sustainable financing mechanism for RMNCAH. The project will also strengthen the capacity of Zambia’s civil society to advocate for SRHR and build a strong network of advocates.
Associação Observatório do Cidadão para Transparência e Boa Governação no Sector Saúde Mozambique Working with civil society platforms and other stakeholders to engage with the Ministry of Health to enhance the approved GFF investment case. Focusing on improving the process for allocating public resources and having greater social accountability and monitoring to ensure health services respond to community RMNCAHN needs. Additionally, emphasiing the need to make adolescent sexual and reproductive health a priority.
Health and Rights Education Programme Malawi Building the capacity of Malawi’s civil society to conduct evidence-based advocacy with the government of Malawi to ensure RMNCAHN priorities are included in the GFF investment case, as well as strengthening political will for increasing domestic resource mobilization. Advancing the adoption of the GFF investment case with a strong accountability framework to monitor the implementation and results.
Youth Initiative for Community Development Malawi Strengthening the voices and capacities of Malawi’s SRMNCAH+N Youth Coalition members to influence SRHR decision-makers in policy and budget processes. Promoting social accountability and improving resource allocation, delivery of quality services, and public resource management for SRMNCAH+N.
Réseau Jeunesse Population Développement Senegal Strengthening the capacity of CSOs and community leaders to effectively communicate the RMNCAHN needs of communities and meaningfully engage with the government to have their views and recommendations reflected in the GFF investment case. Also developing an inclusive monitoring mechanism to hold the government accountable for its commitments.
Alliance Nationale des Jeunes pour la Sante de la Reproduction Senegal Building the capacity of young people to effectively engage with policy-makers and stakeholders to contribute to the GFF investment case and breaking down socio-cultural barriers to the discussion and promotion of sexual health and reproduction for young women and adolescent girls.
Organisation pour de Nouvelles Initiatives en Développement et Santé Burkina Faso Building strong partnerships with private sector companies that are well positioned to contribute to improving RMNCAH-N and pushing them to commitment to budget allocation as part of RMNCAH-N funding.
SOS Jeunesse et Defis Burkina Faso Strengthening the commitment and leadership of CSOs and young people in advancing the GFF investment case in Burkina Faso and improving the monitoring and accountability framework for its implementation.
Réseau Des Plateformes d’ONG d’Afrique De L’ouest Regional (Senegal) Strengthening and building the capacity of civil society in francophone Africa to identify neglected sectors in GFF investment cases and conduct evidence-based advocacy to enhance the plans and hold governments accountable for RMNCAH+N commitments.
Cellule de Liaison des Associations Féminines Chad Strengthening the capacity of the national coalition of CSOs to advocate for the prioritization of identified community needs in the GFF investment case and the development of a strong accountability mechanism for monitoring its implementation and evaluating the effectiveness of its interventions for improving RMNCAH.
Association Nationale des Jeunes Femmes Actives pour la Solidarité Central African Republic Building the capacity of civil society to monitor and analyze budgets for RMNCAH-N services to identify irregularities and improve budget management to avoid funding disruptions.
Mouvement d’Action des Jeunes de l’Association Centrafricaine pour le Bien-Être Familial Central African Republic Building the capacity of the Central African Republic’s (CAR) civil society to conduct advocacy, domestic resource mobilization, monitoring, and evaluation to support the National Health Development Plan (PNDS) as part of improving SRMNCAH-N in the Central African Republic, with an emphasis on improving conditions for women of childbearing age, children, adolescents, and young people.