📢 Invitation to Civil Society and Youth Partners: Join our Global Civil Society Coordinating Group (CSCG) for the Global Financing Facility and Amplify Our Collective Impact and Voices!

1/ Join the launch webinar of our CSCG Taskforce for the GFF Deliver The Future Resource Mobilization Campaign on Thursday 7 September 2023 at 8 AM EDT (12 PM UTC) – Register here.

2/ Subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter Advancing Health For All: Civil Society and Youth-led Action for SRMNCAH-N and follow us on Twitter!

3/ Consult our CSCG one-pager and the background documents for the 16th GFF Investors’ Group Meeting. Watch our Pre-IG16 and Post-IG16 Webinars on our YouTube Channel.

4/ Consult and use GFF Deliver the Future Campaign Key Resources and Advocacy Tools for Civil Society and Youth.

5/ Share your contributions, impact stories, and your commitments and support messages to advancing SRMNCAH-N, by completing the CSCG Constituency Impact and Support Messages Form.

6/ Apply or nominate a candidate to the CSCG Steering Committee and Independent Advisory Board at our 2023 Summer Elections (Deadline: September 7, 2023).

7/ Respond to our CSCG Member Annual Survey (Deadline: September 7, 2023).

8/ Join the CSCG by filling out our CSCG Registration and Contact Update Form.

Dear Civil Society and Youth Partners,

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you, the vibrant and dedicated champions of positive change, to join our esteemed Civil Society Coordinating Group for the Global Financing Facility (CSCG). The GFF #DeliverTheFuture Campaign is a unique opportunity for you to actively shape the future of global interventions for SRMNCAH-N and make your voices heard on a global stage.

By coming together, we can strengthen our collective impact, amplify our voices, and foster a truly participatory and inclusive approach to sustainable development.

Joining the CSCG will open doors to a range of opportunities, including:

🌍 Networking with fellow civil society organizations and youth partners worldwide.

🤝 Collaboration and partnership-building with other GFF and global health initiatives stakeholders.

🗣️ Access to high-level platforms to voice your perspectives and concerns.

💡 Capacity-building and learning programs to enhance your advocacy and accountability skills.

📚 Access to GFF Deliver The Future CSO/YLO Resources, including the investment opportunity report, and social media toolkit to support .

✨ Recognition and visibility for your organization and its outstanding work.

Our collective involvement in the #DeliverTheFuture Campaign will be instrumental to building a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future. Together, we can help support the GFF in driving transformative change, fostering collaboration, and calling on the international community to step up now by investing in the health and rights of women, children and adolescents in the world’s poorest countries, unleashing their potential.

Have any questions on how to share your impact story or support for SRMNCAH-N? Please contact us at ngohost@pai.org.

We eagerly await your contribution and look forward to embarking on this transformative journey together! Let’s join forces, unleash our collective power, and deliver an healthier world where every individual can thrive.

Warm regards,

The CSCG Coordination Unit

The CSCG serves as an inclusive platform for civil society organizations and youth-led initiatives to collaborate, consult, and co-create strategies to address the most pressing challenges facing our world today: secure healthier futures for the world’s most vulnerable women, children and adolescents.

As a member of the CSCG, you will have the opportunity to consult and actively engage with our constituency. We encourage you to share your impactful stories, express your commitments, and exchange best practices, ensuring that the diverse needs and aspirations of civil society and youth are effectively represented in the decision-making process. Your involvement will directly contribute to shaping the global agenda, fostering sustainable development, and achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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