Tjedu Moyo, Global Health Summit, 16 October 2023

The Civil Society and Youth Constituency of the GFF has issued a powerful call to action in their Deliver the Future campaign They urge an additional investment of $800 million to advance the health and nutrition outcomes of women, children and adolescents. These at-risk groups face multiple crises and disruptions, compounded by weak health systems.

This CSCG call emphasizes the transformative potential of robust, resilient and equitable health systems. The GFF’s successful funding models have demonstrated the ability to leverage additional resources from various sources, bringing substantial investments to health initiatives. Civil society and youth engagement has been instrumental in promoting equity and amplifying the voices of women, children, adolescents and youth.

The call highlights remarkable achievements, including inclusive accountability frameworks, budget tracking and advocacy for SRMNCAH-N. The campaign aims to mobilize an extra $800 million, catalyzing $20.5 billion for national health plans, expanding access to life-saving services.

The call emphasizes the urgency of countering stalled progress, expanding access to primary healthcare, building resilient health systems and enhancing gender equality for sustainable development. It acknowledges past investments and urges the international community to invest in the GFF to strengthen health systems, transform lives and deliver a brighter future for all.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the Civil Society and Youth IG Representatives, the GYP, and WACI Health have spearheaded various initiatives at global and regional levels to drive progress in women, children and adolescents’ health and nutrition. Leaders from the CSCG have actively contributed to the GFF #DeliverTheFuture campaign by writing letters and op-eds, recording video interviews on the GFF and participating in significant events. Ultimately, CSCG Steering Committee members Christina Chilimba and Tjedu Moyo spoke at the GFF pledging event in Berlin on October 16, 2023.

To learn more about CSO/YLO mobilization around the campaign, please consult the Deliver The Future Campaign website, the #DeliverTheFuture hashtag and the latest GFF News.

As the GFF Deliver The Future Campaign rolls on, you can join the list of signatories from civil society and youth-led organizations to the CSCG call to action here and underscore the collective commitment to this critical cause.




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