On March 5, 2024, the CSCG Post-IG17 & 2024 Action Agenda Webinar provided a follow-up overview of the 17th GFF Investors’ Group meeting (IG16) held on November 28-30, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya, and reflected on the outcomes and action items from the 2023 CSCG Civil Society and Youth Annual Workshop Outcome Document.

The webinar was hosted by Civil Society and Youth IG Representatives. The GFF Secretariat was also represented to provide an update on the recent 2022-2023 GFF Annual Report and the ongoing GFF Deliver the Future resource mobilization campaign.

Watch here the full recording of the Pre-IG17 webinar also available here (in English – the French version of the webinar is available at the following link here), and read below a full summary of the webinar, including on how to get involved with the CSCG in 2024.

1. Webinar Highlights

♦ The webinar was hosted by Civil Society and Youth IG Representatives. The GFF Secretariat was also represented to provide an update on the recent 2022-2023 GFF Annual Report and the ongoing GFF Deliver the Future resource mobilization campaign.

♦ The webinar reviewed the outcome document from the 2023 CSCG annual workshop and provided an overview of the recent GFF Investors Group 17 (IG17) meeting decisions and contributions from the civil society constituency.

♦ The CSCG civil society and youth representatives at IG17 shared key takeaways, including endorsement of strategies on sexual/reproductive health and rights, private sector engagement, and climate and health.

♦ Updates were provided by the GFF Secretariat on the implementation of the Civil Society and Youth Engagement Framework as well as the “Deliver the Future” resource mobilization campaign.

♦ Discussions focused on the CSCG action agenda for 2024, including ensuring meaningful civil society engagement, mainstreaming gender equity, driving accountability, and mobilizing sustainable financing.

♦ Information was provided on how to get involved with the CSCG working groups and upcoming civil society and youth representative elections.


2. 2023 CSCG Annual Workshop Outcomes

Please click here to read the CSCG 2023 Annual Workshop Outcome Document

♦ The workshop brought together 40 in-person participants and 80 virtual attendees from 32 countries for two days of reviewing successes and challenges and developing CSCG priorities and action items for 2024.

♦ Priorities developed during the Annual workshop:

1. By the end of 2024, all GFF multi-stakeholder platforms (MSP) will have meaningful and consistent CSO/YLO engagement.

Action: The GFF puts in place standards, incentives, and accountabilities for GFF liaisons to consistently engage CSOs (liaison broker entry points, help CSO navigate, advocate for CSO inclusion).

2. By the end of 2024, all new Investment Cases (ICs) and ICs under revision will mainstream gender and gender equity (using the GFF Gender Roadmap).

Action: CSOs/YLOs include gender equity in their own engagement frameworks and use the GFF gender roadmap for advocacy through multistakeholder country platforms.

3. By the end of 2024, CSO/YLO capacity on health financing monitoring is strengthened (including unlocking additional SRMNCAH-N investments through domestic resource mobilization).

Action: Invest in/expand CSO/YLO capacity to shape and monitor health financing and commodity reforms, including mobilize and drive accountability for DRM – a specific call for the GFF to build/expand on the successful Joint Learning Agenda.

4. By the end of 2024, upscale long-term CSO/YLO capacity for improved accountability with a strong focus on ensuring that the Global Youth Platform becomes a data-driven advocacy unit with representatives in all GFF partner countries.

Action: Share/scale proven tools/approaches for social accountability and budget accountability, with a specific focus on equipping and supporting members of the GYP.

♦  The workshop ended with participants validating CSCG messages that the CSO and YLO reps took directly to the IG17 meeting. CSCG annual workshop participants also had a very productive dialogue with the GFF Secretariat to discuss the 2024 action items, including discussing the action items that CSCG can take forward, and the action items that GFF will advance in support of the CSCG priorities (e.g. partnering with CSCG to strengthen GFF Liaison engagement, and continued advocacy to sustain and try to grow financial investment in CSO/YLOS.)


3. IG17 Meeting Outcomes and Takeaways

Please click here to read the IG17 Civil Society and Youth Statement

♦  Ahead of IG17, the GFF IG Members visited a youth center where a GFF CSO and Youth-founded project supported SRHR and nutrition awareness creation and service delivery for young people, highlighting the role and need for continued GFF CSO funding.

♦  The Civil Society and Youth IG reps shared a statement reflecting outcomes from the CSCG workshop, which included the 2024 action goals.

♦  The GFF is conducting an evaluation of its processes, added value, and impact that will inform the next GFF strategy after 2025.

♦  The GFF Secretariat has been conducting workshops with liaison officers and country focal points to improve country platform functionality.

♦  The IG endorsed SRHR as part of the GFF Strategy with a particular focus on fragile and conflict-affected states and the right to safe abortion. SRHR will become a standing item on the agenda moving forward.

♦  There are now two new GFF IG working groups on “Climate and Health” and “Private Sector and Innovation Strategy.” Civil society and youth will be represented in both.


4. GFF Secretariat Updates

Please click here to read the GFF 2022-2023 Annual Report , and here to access the GFF 2022-2023 Annual Report Social Media Toolkit.

♦ The GFF released its 2022-2023 Annual Report – “Delivering on the GFF Promise: Protecting and Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Women, Children and Adolescents.”

♦ The GFF will be sharing press articles that will be disseminated on National Women’s Day on March 8, on investing in women and accelerating progress as part of the GFF’s Deliver the Future campaign, to culminate at the next World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings.

♦ The GFF has been engaging with partners, including WHO and GAVI, in Colombia on the theme of cervical cancer and HPV immunization and would appreciate amplification of the messages from the engagement.

♦ The GFF understands the importance of providing larger and longer grants to civil society and youth organizations to generate greater impact from projects.

♦ The Joint Learning Agenda on Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage (JLA) will hold a meeting in Nairobi (March 2024) to reflect on JLA outcomes, successes, and future.


5. How to be More Involved 

♦ Explore the GFF CSO Hub for resources, news updates, and information on grant opportunities at https://www.csogffhub.org/.

♦ Learn more about the CSCG at https://www.csogffhub.org/hub-resources/cscg/.

♦ Join a working group or the global youth platform to contribute to the CSCG’s thematic work areas and help develop the CSCG’s 2024 Action Plan by filling the following form > here <.

♦ Apply to become a GFF IG Civil Society or Youth Alternate Representative, and/or a CSCG Steering Committee Representative by March 7. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their application online via the application link >here<.

♦ Follow the CSCG on X/Twitter @CSCGFORGFF, Linkedin @CSCG-for-GFF, and on YouTube @cscgcoordinationunit.


Click below to consult the Post-IG17 Webinar background presentation (in English).

Click here to consult the 2023 CSCG Annual Workshop Outcome Document

Click here to consult the 2022-2023 GFF Annual Report.

Click here to access the 2022-2023 GFF Annual Report Social Media Toolkit

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