[May 14 & 16, 2024 – virtual]

📣 Missed the latest GFF NGO Host workshop on grant proposal making?

Don’t worry! You can catch the recording here below. (French version available here).

On May 14 & 16, the GFF CSO Hub hosted an insightful webinar led by Joanne Sonenshine from Connective Impact. The focus of the workshop was on how to leverage relationships and partnerships to elevate fundraising efforts, particularly for international nonprofits, businesses, and funders. Joanne shared valuable strategies and insights to help organizations create lasting relationships and accelerate the disbursement of funds.

Building Relationships for Fundraising Success

The workshop session emphasized that fundraising is not just about transactions; it’s fundamentally about building strong relationships. Connective Impact, a membership organization, specializes in connecting doers and donors through intelligence resources and relationship-building strategies. The goal is to make the fundraising process smoother and more effective by fostering meaningful connections.

Key Workshop Topics

The workshop series covers three critical areas that will be explored in depth in upcoming workshops:

  1. Identifying and Prospecting New Donors: Joanne explained the importance of finding potential donors who align with your organization’s mission and values.
  2. Cultivating Donors: Building and maintaining relationships with donors is crucial for long-term support.
  3. Proposal Writing and Development: Crafting compelling proposals that resonate with donors and clearly articulate your organization’s impact and needs.

Finding the Right Donors

One of the most crucial elements Joanne discussed was the importance of identifying donors who are the right fit for your work. This involves understanding the points of intersection between your organization’s activities and the priorities of potential donors. Joanne illustrated this concept using a simple yet powerful analogy: imagine your work as a red circle and the donors’ interests as a blue circle. The overlap between these circles, represented by a green area, is where the most promising opportunities lie.

Setting Priorities and Understanding Funders

To effectively identify the right funders, organizations must set clear priorities and stay informed about what funders are currently focusing on. Joanne noted that funders are currently prioritizing six key issues, although she didn’t specify them in this session. Understanding these priorities can help organizations tailor their fundraising strategies and proposals to align with funders’ interests.


Connective Impact’s presentation was a valuable reminder that successful fundraising is built on strong relationships and strategic alignment with donors’ priorities. By focusing on identifying the right donors, cultivating meaningful relationships, and developing compelling proposals, organizations can enhance their fundraising efforts and achieve lasting impact.

Key Takeaways:

Stay tuned for the next workshops where Connective Impact will further explore these essential topics and provide more actionable insights for effective fundraising.

Register here:

Session 2 – May 28, 2024 – 8:30 AM ET

Session 2 (Repeat) – May 31, 2024 – 8:30 AM ET

Session 3 – June 11, 2024

Session 3 (Repeat) – June 12, 2024

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