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Côte d’Ivoire

Year joined

Côte d’Ivoire

Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

Plateforme Nationale de Coordination du Financement de la Santé (National Platform for the Coordination of Health Financing, PNCFS)

CSO reps on MCP

Solange Kone, FENOS-CI and ASAPSU

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

GFF CSO WORKING GROUP coordinated by Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Sante de Côte D’ivoire (FENOS-CI)




Key priorities of the action plan:

  • Increasing demand generation and utilization of services by the community;
  • Behavior change communication;
  • Leveraging endogenous financing mechanisms; and
  • Citizen monitoring and accountability around the IC implementation.
CSO Rep to CSCG:

Solange Kone, FENOS-CI

Interim Steering Committee contacts:
- -
Hub Grant:

FENOS-CI — Building the capacity of community members in four priority regions of Côte d’Ivoire’s investment case to advocate for their own SRMNCAH-N needs. The project with train CSOs and women, youth, religious, and traditional leaders in community mobilization, budget advocacy, communication, and monitoring and accountability for investments in health.

ASAPSU — Improving the understanding of decision-makers about the challenges of implementing UHC and advocating for the needs of vulnerable populations to be included under the UHC framework. The project will establish a civil society technical working group on UHC and develop a database of how youth, women of reproductive age, and other key populations view UHC.

Youth Networks:

Mouvement d’Action des Jeunes (MAJ), Jeunes Ambassadeurs SR/PF

Youth rep to CSCG:

Kambou Mir Rodrigue


Provisions for CSO Engagement:
- -
Actual CSO or community engagement:

The project appraisal document (PAD) for SPARK-health specifically addresses citizen engagement and the role of CSOs and communities in monitoring the PAD implementation through citizen report cards with target indicators for the involvement of citizens and communities in planning, implementation and evaluation
of programs, as well as complaint mechanisms for citizens.

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