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Government-led Process

Investment Case

The GFF partnership is supporting the implementation of a roadmap for universal health coverage (UHC) through the development of a Prioritized Operational Plan and Costing (POP-C) that serves as Ghana’s investment case. The task force assigned the role of facilitating the development of the Prioritized Operational Plan (POP) for the Ghana’s UHC Roadmap has submitted a draft of its work to the Ministry of Health (MoH) who are currently reviewing the document.

Ghana GFF Investment Case

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

The government of Ghana has established six technical working groups (TWG) to support the MoH UHC taskforce to develop Ghana’s Investment Case/Prioritized Operational Plan for the UHC Roadmap as part of the Ministry’s partnership with the GFF. The various TWGs are working on the broader areas of Resource Mapping and Costing and four other thematic areas

  1. Reforms and Strategies to Reorganize Services to Achieve UHC
  2. Further Strengthening of MNCH and going beyond to cover adolescent health, mental health and NCDs
  3. Sustainable and equity focused health financing and NHIS reforms
  4. Clinical and Public Health Emergencies
CSO reps on MCP

Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights is a lead on the TWG working theme 2 of the one of the TWG working on, Coalition of NGOs in Health is a member of one of the sub TWGs set up to discuss the six themes of the POP.

Youth Advocates Ghana and CIWED-Ghana LBG

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

GFF Civil Society Coalition; The ARHR has organized meetings to share the GFF concept with national CSOs working on health and to debrief CSOs on the current workings of the TWG working with consultancies to develop Ghana’s POP/Investment Case

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Contributing to the development of the Investment Case for Ghana based on which CSOs priorities will be identified

CSO Rep to CSCG:

Archibald Adams, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana; Nii Ankonu Annorbah-Sarpei, Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (alternate representative)

Interim Steering Committee contacts:
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Hub Grant:

Youth Advocates Ghana — Strengthening the capacity of YLOs to meaningfully engage in the implementation and monitoring of Ghana’s GFF investment case through training workshops, peer-learning exchanges, and supporting the development of policy briefs. The project will contribute to increasing evidence-based advocacy around SRMNCAH-N by YLOs.

CIWED-Ghana LBG — Creating a stakeholder mapping tool (Net-Map) that allows individuals and groups to understand the relationships between different actors and how they influence outcomes. A key goal of Net-Map is to identify factors that are helping or hindering youth participation and leadership in social accountability mechanisms for SRMNCAH+N priorities. Users will improve their awareness of the SRMNCAH-N environment and develop stronger strategic approaches to networking with other actors.

Youth Networks:
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Youth rep to CSCG:

Youth Advocates Ghana


GFF Trust-Funded project(s)

Not yet developed

Provisions for CSO Engagement:
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Actual CSO or community engagement:
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