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Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

RMNCH+N Multi-Stakeholder Platform, launched January 2021.

CSO reps on MCP

The CSO community has secured five positions out of the 24 seats of the platform, as follows:

  1. Ms. Mellisa Wanda of PATH
  2. Dr. Mercy Onsando, Chief Executive Officer of Health NGO’s Network (HENNET)
  3. Mr. Sam. Mulyanga of Jhipiego
  4. Ms. Brenda Bakobye, AYP representative from Y+Kenya
  5. Mr. Michael Asudi of Organization of African Youth (OAY) also represents young people.

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:



TOR in place awaiting signing


Advocacy and accountability for RMNCAH+N

CSO Rep to CSCG:
  • Dr. Margaret Lubaale, HENNET
  • Ms. Mellisa Wanda, PATH (alternate)
Interim Steering Committee contacts:
- -
Hub Grant:

Organization of African Youth — Improving collaboration and coordination of YLOs and youth to advocate for the prioritization of youth issues in the implementation of SRMNCAH-N programs. The project will strengthen the capacity of Kenya’s GFF youth coalition to engage with subnational governments in the development and implementation of SRMNCAH-N investment cases and policies.

Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance — Enhancing coordination and engagement among key stakeholders–including CSOs, policymakers and the private sector– to mobilize additional resources for implementing costed nutrition action plans in four Kenyan counties. The project will include public awareness campaigns and training for journalists to improve public participation in the development of policies and budgets and map stakeholders.

Health Non-Governmental Organizations Network HENNET — Developing and implementing a training package for CSO and YLOs to improve their understanding of the GFF and the role of civil society in the GFF framework. The project will increase the number of CSOs and YLOs conducting advocacy and accountability activities and strengthen their engagements with the Kenyan government on GFF processes.

Youth Networks:
  • OAY – Organization of African Youth
  • Scaling Up Nutrition -Youth Network
Youth rep to CSCG:

Michael Asudi, OAY


Provisions for CSO Engagement:

SUN CSA provides a platform for CSO’s in food systems and nutrition to engage.
At County levels :
RMNCAH+N coalition for CSO’s

Actual CSO or community engagement:

There are community-based organizations and faith-based organizations that work at the community level.

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