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Project Status:

IC under development



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Investment Case
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Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)
  • HINA
  • CCOC
CSO reps on MCP

Platforme HINA

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:
  • HINA
  • CCOC



Effective contribution to the development of National Policies related to reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child health and nutrition
Carry out various interventions with strong impacts in favor of the SRMNIA_N such as advocacy actions with the Government, the various commissions of the National Assembly (health, finance, legislative commission)
Track progress and report on the quality, access and equity of RMNCAH-N service delivery
Operationalization of the SRMNIA-N investment case led by the member organizations of the GFF coalition, with strong involvement of young people

CSO Rep to CSCG:
  • Hony Radery, CCOC
  • Faniry Hantarinivo, SUN Program Manager
Interim Steering Committee contacts:

Willy Beninandiana, secrétaire exécutif de la Plateforme HINA

Hub Grant:

Plateforme HINA  — Strengthening the capacity of Madagascar’s CSO GFF coalition to support and monitor the implementation of health policies and programs, including advocating for the inclusion of CSOs and YLOs on the National Committee for the Strengthening of the Health System, which oversees the implementation of the GFF investment case.

Youth Networks:
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Youth rep to CSCG:
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GFF Trust-Funded project(s)

Conduct advocacy at regional/local level to ensure ownership of the investment framework by civil society actors and monitor its effective implementation by 2024 (11 months). Dec-21 to Oct-22
Revitalize the civil society coalition for the SRMNIA-N of Madagascar, in order to provide technical support to the Malagasy Government in the finalization of the framework documents; and promote actions to change the behavior of the post-COVID-19 epidemic population. January to October 2021.

Provisions for CSO Engagement:

Strengthen the coordination of its GFF members in Madagascar, participate in the implementation of the SRMNIA-N investment framework and monitoring of budget allocations in the 2021 finance bill.

Actual CSO or community engagement:

Monitoring of budget allocations in the finance bill since 2019 to date, monitoring of the operationalization of the 2020-2024 investment case, and community engagement for the improvement of the basic health system especially for SRMNIA-N.

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