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Year joined


Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

Health Partners Group (HGP). There is no separate committee or working group on GFF, GFF is supposed to be streamlined within all the different technical groups. The Ministry of Health also invites well-connected CSOs to meetings relatd to SRMNCAH+N that are outside the HGP.

CSO reps on MCP

Denise Namburete/N’Weti is on the HGP, and has been since before Mozambique joined the GFF.

Associação Observatório do Cidadão para Transparência e Boa Governação no Sector Saúde

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

The Mozambican Civil Society Platform for Health (PLASOC-M) is the coalition of civil society engaging on the GFF. This work is carried out by a thematic subgroup on GFF, chaired by the Observatório do Cidadão para Saúde.


PLASOC-M has a governance document but it is not specific to their work on GFF.


Civil society is calling on:

  1. Transparency in use of resources for Covid and RMNCAH+N more broadly;
  2. Government to increase investments in the health sector and;
  3. Covid investments to not drown out investments in PHC;
  4. Government to prioritize resources for keeping health care providers safe, including by preventing harassment of community health workers by the police.

The renewal of the GFF funding is also a priority.


CSO Rep to CSCG:

Jorge Matine, PLASOC-M and Observatorio de Saude; Denise Namburete, N’weti (alternate)

Interim Steering Committee contacts:

The members of PLASOC-M’s GFF subgroup are:

  • Gilda Jossias – AMDEC- Coordinator of PLASOC
  • Jorge Matine – Observatório do Cidadão para Saúde (chair)
  • Denise Namburete – Nweti
  • Paula Monjane – CESC
  • Farouk Simango – Coalizão
Hub Grant:

Associação Observatório do Cidadão para Transparência e Boa Governação no Sector Saúde – Working with civil society platforms and other stakeholders to engage with the Ministry of Health to enhance the approved GFF investment case. Focusing on improving the process for allocating public resources and having greater social accountability and monitoring to ensure health services respond to community RMNCAHN needs. Additionally, emphasizing the need to make adolescent sexual and reproductive health a priority.

Youth Networks:

Youth members of PLASOC-M working on GFF designated Coalizão as the youth representative.

Youth rep to CSCG:

There is no individual, but Coalizão is responsible for youth engagement.


Provisions for CSO Engagement:
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Actual CSO or community engagement:
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