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Year joined


Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

RMNCAH TWG whose TOR was expanded to become the MCP. Sits quarterly.

CSO reps on MCP
  • Richard Mugenyi – Platform Chair
  • Hasifah Naluyiga – Platform Vice Chair
  • Esther Nasikye
  • Patrick Mwesigye

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

Uganda RMNCAH+N CSO Platform


The Platform has a constitution that details the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder

- -
CSO Rep to CSCG:
  • Richard Mugenyi/ Hasifah Naluyiga
  • Arafat Kabugo – GYP Rep
  • Jackie Katana – IG Rep
  • Esther Nasikye, PATH
  • Patrick Mwesigye, Uganda Youth and Adolescent Forum (alternate)
Interim Steering Committee contacts:

1. Richard Mugenyi – Platform Chair
2. Hasifah Naluyiga – Platform Vice Chair
3. Joshua Thembo – Youth Representative
4. Okwi Fredrick – Coordinator
5. Jackie Katana – Child Health Forum Chair
6. Tonny Kapsundu – Reproductive and Maternal Health Forum Chair
7. Joseph Nyenbde – GBV Forum chair
8. Arafat Kabugo Naguru Teenage Center
9. Robina Biteyi – Newborn and Safemotherhood Forum Chair
10. Jostus Mwebembezi – Representative of Regional CSOs.
11. Benon Musasizi – Nutrition Forum Chair
12. Nalule Victo – Persons with Disabilities
13. Achilles Kiwanuka – Grant Host Representative

Hub Grant:

Naguru Youth Health Network (NYHN) — Building the capacity of Uganda’s Adolescent Health Forum to advocate for improved sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents and young people in Uganda through the strengthening of regional advocacy networks and effectively engaging with decision-makers at the district level.
Faith for Family Health Initiative (3FHi) — Strengthening the capacity of Uganda’s RMNCAH+N CSO coalition to conduct targeted advocacy with decision-makers at the national level to advocate for increased domestic funding and improved accountability for SRMNCAH+N investments in Uganda.

Youth Networks:

RMNCAH Coordinating Mechanism, established in October 2018 – specific to youth

AfriYAN Uganda and YALI Uganda Chapter

Youth rep to CSCG:

Arafat Kabugo, Naguru Youth Health Network


GFF Trust-Funded project(s)

Uganda Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Services Improvement Project (2016)

Component 1: Results-Based Financing for Primary Health Care Services in 135 priority districts ($68 million).

Provisions for CSO Engagement:

The Platform has a slot to present at the Expanded MCH TWG quarterly meetings.

Actual CSO or community engagement:

Member organizations engaging at the community level and through members organizations and the two GFF-WB grant recipients (i.e. Naguru Youth Health Network and 3FHI)

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