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CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Investment Case

Zambia’s investment case was completed and launched by the Ministry of Health on 18th April 2023 alongside the Famkily Planning costed implementation plan, the RMNCAH-N road map and the 2030 family planning 2030 commitments.

Zambia RMNCAH-N Investment Case

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee (ICC), and the technical working groups feed into their deliberations

CSO reps on MCP

CRHE and Population Council were chosen by Civil Society at the first CSO engagement meeting on GFF held in October 2019. CHAZ was already a part of the ICC as CSO representative before the GFF process begun in country. In 2022, Marie Stopes Zambia received a GFF CSO Grant.

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

There is no name for the network of CSOs working on GFF processes.



  1. Disseminating the RMNCAH-N investment case to stakeholders including members of parliament, media, and youth networks.
  2. Financing advocacy; focusing on increasing allocations to RMNCAH-N interventions, increasing resources at the service delivery points and increasing country proportion of financing over RMNCAH-N commodities.
CSO Rep to CSCG:
  • Amos Mwale, CRHE;
  • Yoram Siame, Churches Health Association of Zambia (alternate)
  • Namakando Simamuna, Marie Stopes Zambia
Interim Steering Committee contacts:
  • Sibu Malambo, Executive Director- Zambia Youth Platform
  • Dr. Natasha Kaoma, Executive Director- Copper rose Zambia
  • Namakando Simamuna, Marie Stopes Zambia
Hub Grant:

Marie Stopes Zambia – Engaging with Zambia’s SRHR civil society to build a unified movement to advocate for the adoption of the GFF investment case by the government of Zambia. Informed stakeholders will actively work with the Parliament and Ministry of Finance to advance the plan which will create a sustainable financing mechanism for RMNCAH. The project will also strengthen the capacity of Zambia’s civil society to advocate for SRHR and build a strong network of advocates.

Youth Networks:
  • The Zambia Youth platform
  • The Youth Action Movement
Youth rep to CSCG:
  • Sibu Malambo, Executive Director- Zambia Youth Platform
  • Dr. Natasha Kaoma, Executive Director- Copper Rose Zambia


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