Wemos (The Netherlands) is pleased to share with you a joint case study that it conducted together with Akina Mama wa Afrika (Uganda). We analysed the Africa Medical Equipment Facility (AMEF), a relatively new blended finance facility rolled out in Kenya since 2021, which is carried out by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and is supported by the GFF.

The study is a combination of literature review and key informant interviews. From the findings, we felt that it is unlikely that the AMEF will contribute to universal and equitable access to healthcare services, reaching “people who are left behind”, which raises concerns about the suitability of the AMEF to the GFF’s mission. For instance, we found that the AMEF is mainly attractive for higher-end, medium-to-large private facilities, allowing them to access more financing to purchase medical equipment. However, its loans are unlikely to benefit small, low-end healthcare providers. From interviews, we also learned that civil society representatives were often unaware of the initiative. Most interviewees raised criticism on the lack of support to local manufacturers. Civil society representatives and some healthcare officials expressed concerns that the AMEF, like other financing facilities focused on private healthcare, could hamper progress towards health equity in Kenya.