Category: Health Financing

Resource Author : Victoria B Chou, Oliver Bubb-Humfryes, Rachel Sanders, Neff Walker, John Stover, Tom Cochrane, Angela Stegmuller, Sophia Magalona, Christian Von Drehle, Damian G Walker, Maria Eugenia Bonilla-Chacin, Kimberly Rachel Boer

Pushing the envelope through the Global Financing Facility.pdf

This research study is the first of its kind to estimate the potential impact of increased resources available to improve RMNCAH-N outcomes, from expanding and scaling up GFF support in 50 high-burden countries. The study estimates GFF impact by reflecting on conservative and ambitious assumptions based on the GFF Trust Fund resources of US$2.6 billion. Models are also scaled up by coverage prioritized by RMNCAH-N interventions under the resource scenarios in order to evaluate the period of 2017-2030. The results of the study revealed that the GFF partnership could collectively mobilize US$50-75 billion of additional funds to reach coverage of at least 70% for most interventions by 2030. This could result in averting over 34 million deaths compared with just over 12 million deaths averted with flatlined coverage following historic trends.