To mark the fifth anniversary of the Global Financing Facility (GFF), PAI has created a database with GFF project information and financial data, including World Bank disbursements, and official progress indicators. In an effort to highlight the results governments are working towards, this resource has been designed for use by various stakeholders in the GFF process, including for advocacy, tracking country performance and for issue-based discussions on service delivery within the multi-stakeholder country platforms.

This dataset is only a starting point for ongoing tracking and monitoring of progress in GFF countries. While there are currently 36 focus countries, this resource is limited to the initial frontrunner countries and second countries, with the exception of the inclusion of Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire. Other countries will be added in due course.

The information is organized as follows:

  1. Project funding details: groups the GFF project by country and includes information on resource mapping, investment case priorities, and project funding details, with links to the investment cases as well as relevant World Bank project dashboards and project appraisal links.
  2. GFF Core Indicators: provides a breakdown of the high-level indicators provided by Demographic Health Survey (DHS) and National Health Accounts (NHAs) conducted by ministries of health and relevant country statistics bureaus.
  3. Finally, the remaining sheets are organized by country project: each have their own sheets with project development objectives (PDO), intermediate results indicators, and when the data were collected. All sheets have links to the most recent implementation status reports that provide further explanation of the indicators and data collection methods.

We look forward to hearing feedback regarding the dataset and how it can be modified for clarity and ease of use.