On August 29, 2023, the CSCG Post-IG16 Webinar was held to provide a follow-up overview of the 16th GFF Investors’ Group meeting (IG16) held on July 21, 2023, and to reflect on Civil Society and Youth engagement in the framework of the GFF. The webinar was hosted by Civil Society and Youth IG Representatives. The GFF Secretariat was also represented to provide an update on the ongoing GFF Deliver the Future resource mobilization campaign.

Watch below the full recording of the Pre-IG16 webinar also available here (in English).

The French version of the webinar is available at the following link here.

The Post-IG16 webinar, therefore dived into insightful discussions and updates from the Civil Society and Youth GFF Investors’ Group Representatives as they recapped the outcomes of the IG16 Investors Group Meeting in Kigali and reflected on how the collective interests and perspectives of youth and civil society partners constituency were addressed in the IG16 meeting discussions, decisions and outcomes.

The webinar also addressed the GFF Deliver the Future Campaign and how the CSCG constituency can unlock the potential of effective collaboration in mobilizing resources for health initiatives by promoting advocacy strategies and success stories that inspire progress in the GFF.

Post-IG16 & GFF Deliver The Future webinar discussion topics included:

· Outcomes of the GFF IG16 meeting (July 21, 2023).

· Mobilization follow-up on the GFF Deliver the Future Campaign.

· Updates from the CSCG Steering Committee.

· Q&A session with the CSCG Constituency.

Click below to consult the Post-IG16 Webinar agenda (in English).

Click here to join your voice and our CSCG Taskforce for the GFF Deliver the Future Campaign.

Click here to consult GFF Deliver The Future Background Documents.

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