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Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Investment Case

Yes, the Lafia Iyali project is an inbound investment under the GFF.

Niger GFF Investment Case-FR

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)
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CSO reps on MCP
  1.  Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in GFF Niger
  2. Coalition of Actors for the Repositioning of Family Planning in Niger (RAC/FP)
  3. Grouping of NGOs and Associations of the Health Sector of Niger (ROASSN)
  4. Network of Champions in Advocacy for Adequate Health Financing (RCPFAS) 5. Youth representative, members of the Network of Youth Ambassadors for RH/FP, former youth focal point of FP2030 and the Ouagadougou partnership

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:


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Ensure continuity of RMNCAH+N services, follow the GFF process

CSO Rep to CSCG:
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Interim Steering Committee contacts:

Dr Ibrahim Souley, Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs/GFF Focal Point

Hub Grant:

Collectif Tous Unis en faveur de la Nutrition (TUN) — Advocating for the inclusion of nutrition in the Communal Development Plans and the Annual Investment Plans of 10 municipalities in Niger’s Tillabéri region. The project will mobilize CSOs to engage with elected officials and community leaders, youth, women, people with disabilities and the media to build support for integrating nutrition into health programming.

Coalition des acteurs pour le repositionnement de la planification familiale au Niger — Increasing the level of domestic financing for family planning services in Niger’s national budget. The project will organize CSOs and YLOs to conduct joint high-level advocacy with Niger’s National Assembly, the prime minister, and officials from the ministries of health and finance.

Youth Networks:
  • Network of Young Ambassadors for RH/FP
  • Youth Action Movement
  • Youth Focal Point of FP2030 and the Ouagadougou Partnership
  • Ouagadougou Partnership Focal Points
Youth rep to CSCG:

Mariama Abdou Gado, Member of RJA/SR/PF, Former Youth Focal Point of FP2030 and the Ouagadougou Partnership


GFF Trust-Funded project(s)
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Provisions for CSO Engagement:

Revitalize the coalition of CSOs GFF, there is a need to renew the main actors who lead the coalition for a wide openness to all CSOs, for better sharing of information and also for regularity of the different coordination bases.

Actual CSO or community engagement:

In reality, among the CSOs active in the areas of RMNCAH/Nut, very few are informed and aware of the GFF CSO coalition or even the GFF. Therefore, it is more than urgent to rebuild the coalition of CSOs GFF.

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