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Project Status:

In Progress



CSO Coalition:


Government-led Process

Investment Case

The current project document serves as an initial investment case to guide allocation of the GFF trust fund resources in Afghanistan. A full investment case to define the wider GFF engagement in Afghanistan will be developed over the next 6-12 months.

Multi-stakeholder country platform (MCP)

Multi-stakeholder GFF Advisory Committee, led by Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan (MoPH)

CSO reps on MCP

Dr. Juma Khan “Nasir Khairzada;” Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD)

CSO Coordination & Engagement

CSO Platform:

Alliance of Health Organizations (AHO)




Civil society Organizations are actively engaged in the reduction of Maternal and Child mortality through the BPHS and EPHS implementing programs and Mental health and Psychosocial health. Responding to the health emergency including COVID-19 pandemic.

CSO Rep to CSCG:

Dr. Juma Khan, Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD); Farmarz Jahanbeen, Solidary for Afghan Families (SAF) (Alternate representative)

Interim Steering Committee contacts:

AHO has six (6) steering committee members and a chair:

  • AHO Steering Committee Chairperson: Dr. Abdul Majeed Siddiqi, AHO chairperson and Health Net TPO Head of Mission

AHO steering committee members I will mention here two persons:

  • Dr. Farhad Paiman AHO steering committee member and OHPM General Director
  • Dr. Ahmad Shah Pardis AHO steering committee members and SCA health program Manager
  • Dr. Ashraf Elham AHO steering committee members and CAF Director General
Hub Grant:


Youth Networks:

There is no youth platform engaging in the GFF in Afghanistan at this time.

Youth rep to CSCG:

There is no youth representative at this time.


GFF Trust-Funded project(s)

Afghanistan Sehatmandi Project to Increase the Utilization and Quality of Health, Nutrition, and Family Planning Services

Provisions for CSO Engagement:
- -
Actual CSO or community engagement:

Component 3 of the project is “Strengthening Demand and Community Accountability for Key Health Services”

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